1000x200x80 granite kerbs

1000 X 200 X 80 GRANITE KERBS

Presenting our premium selection of 1000x200x80 granite kerbs. These kerbs are expertly fashioned to enhance the beauty and practicality of your outdoor spaces, including driveways, walkways, and patio areas.

Constructed from the finest grey granite, enriched with a spectrum of black flecks and the radiant glint of quartz, our kerbs deliver an unparalleled and enduring visual charm. The neutral grey hue of the granite provides the perfect backdrop, effortlessly harmonizing with a diverse range of colours and textures, ensuring versatility for any design scheme.


Take your outdoor designs to new heights with our exceptional grey granite kerbs, unmatched in both quality and class. As the UK’s top supplier, we are committed to offering products that embody excellence and resilience. Our 1000x200x80 granite kerbs perfectly marry practicality with sophistication, setting the foundation for your forthcoming landscaping endeavors.

Unveil the ultimate blend of robustness and design flair. Opt for our grey granite kerbs and secure a look that remains elegant for years to come.


Top 1000X200X80 Granite Kerbs 

Introducing our distinguished 1000x200x80 granite kerbs, a signature offering from Shop Granite Setts, where our dedication to superior quality goes beyond mere setts and cobblestones. We take pride in showcasing our select line of top-tier granite kerbs, each carefully shaped to infuse your outdoor projects with a sense of class and steadfast utility.

Superior Craftsmanship and Visual Appeal sourced from the esteemed quarries of Portugal, our grey granite kerbs are the epitome of style and quality. Each piece boasts natural grey shades, enriched with a subtle array of black flecks and the captivating twinkle of quartz, making every kerb a testament to timeless beauty. Their ability to integrate with a wide spectrum of design choices and materials makes our granite kerbs a versatile option for any landscaping plan.

Functional Elegance for every setting Ideal for bordering driveways, lining walkways, or enclosing patios, our granite kerbs strike the perfect note between aesthetic allure and functional sturdiness. Their solid construction not only elevates the look of your property but also acts as a lasting edging solution, capable of withstanding the rigors of weather and time.

Value-Oriented Quality recognized as the leading provider of granite landscaping solutions in the UK, we ensure that our exquisite granite kerbs come at prices that reflect true value, inclusive of VAT and delivery. We stand by our commitment to affordability paired with quality. Find a similar product at a more economical rate, and we pledge to match that price, affirming your investment in the best.

Seamless delivery to tour doorstep. No matter the scale of your endeavor, from an intimate garden touch to a comprehensive driveway or community project, Shop Granite Setts is ready to supply you with top-grade granite kerbs. Our efficient delivery service is customized to suit your particular requirements, promising an effortless and satisfying procurement process from beginning to end.

Select Shop Granite Setts for granite kerbs that not only meet but elevate the standards of your landscaping projects. Depend on our quality, indulge in our sophisticated designs, and relish the assurance that comes with choosing the ideal enhancement for your outdoor environments.

Remember, 1000x200x80 granite setts not only enhance the visual appeal of your outdoor spaces but also provide durability and longevity. Contact us today to discover top-quality granite setts and elevate your landscapes with timeless beauty and functionality!