100x100x50 granite setts

100 X 100 X 50 GRANITE SETTS

Explore our  Granite Setts (100 x 100 x 50), premium naturally split stones that emanate a timeless charm for all your landscaping designs. They display a distinctive aesthetic due to their grey granite composition, interspersed with patterns of black flecks and sparkling quartz. These setts are perfect for adding an elegant touch to driveways, paths, patios, and edging.

In addition to their beauty, these setts are also extremely durable due to the hardwearing properties of the granite used. Their versatile grey hue blends seamlessly with various other colours, ensuring they offer both functionality and sophisticated aesthetics.


Enhance your outdoor spaces with our premium 100x100x50 granite setts, unmatched in both craftsmanship and style. As the leading supplier in the UK, we are committed to offering only the finest products that epitomize durability and elegance. Our smaller-sized granite setts are expertly designed to provide both practicality and a refined aesthetic, making them the ideal choice for your landscaping, garden, or patio projects.

Discover the ideal balance of long-lasting quality and visual allure. Opt for our granite setts to achieve a look that is both timeless and sophisticated, ensuring your outdoor design remains impressive for years to come.


Discover the Distinction of 100x100x50 Granite Setts for Your Outdoor Projects

At Shop Granite Setts, our focus is on delivering the most exquisite granite setts, each one chosen and shaped with the utmost care to ensure they bring both allure and function to your gardens, patios, and broader landscaping ventures. Our granite setts are the embodiment of our dedication to superior quality, crafted to make your outdoor areas exude a sense of lasting sophistication..

Masterful Design and Visual Harmony. We procure our exceptional grey granite from the finest quarries in Portugal, renowned for their quality stone. Each 100x100x50 sett is a work of natural art, with a palette of grey shades enriched by dark speckles and the occasional twinkle of quartz, culminating in an elegant finish that is adaptable and enduring. Our granite setts are designed to effortlessly complement a diverse array of outdoor styles, from the rustic charm of traditional gardens to the sleek lines of contemporary patios.

Flexibility for Diverse Applications. Our granite setts are the ideal solution for a variety of projects, whether you’re laying a charming garden pathway, constructing a sturdy patio foundation, or embarking on a significant landscaping transformation. Not only do they enhance the visual appeal of your spaces, but they also provide a robust and long-lasting surface, capable of withstanding both weather and wear.

Commitment to Accessible Quality. As the leading supplier, our goal is to bring you our high-grade granite setts at prices that reflect our commitment to value, inclusive of all costs and delivery fees. We are dedicated to providing affordability without sacrificing the high standards our clients have come to expect. Should you find an equivalent product at a lower cost, we are prepared to match that price, ensuring you receive the utmost value for your purchase.

Effortless and Personalized Delivery. Regardless of your project’s scale, from a small garden enhancement to a full-scale outdoor overhaul, Shop Granite Setts is equipped to deliver the quality granite setts you need. Our delivery service is designed to be seamless and responsive to your specific requirements, ensuring a smooth transaction from the moment you place your order to the delivery at your doorstep.

Select Shop Granite Setts for 100x100x50 granite setts and witness how they transform your outdoor spaces. Place your trust in our consistent quality, enjoy our elegant designs, and feel secure in the knowledge that you’ve made the optimal choice for your outdoor enhancement needs.

other colours available FOR 100X100X50 GRANITE SETTS:

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