200x100x100 granite setts

200 X 100 X 100 GRANITE SETTS

Our Granite Setts (200 x 100 x 100), top-quality naturally split stones that lend an eternal allure to any landscaping venture. Showcasing a unique aesthetic composed of grey granite, intricate patterns of black flecks, and sparkling quartz, these setts are perfect for driveways, paths, patios, and edging.

These granite setts provide not only an eye-catching appearance but also a long-lasting durability owing to the innate resilience of the constituent materials. The neutral grey colour meshes seamlessly with any existing materials, offering both exceptional utility and polished elegance.


Revitalize your outdoor design with our exceptional 200x100x100 granite setts, the epitome of quality and sophistication. As the UK’s leading supplier, we are devoted to offering products that are the very essence of durability and aesthetic beauty. Our 200x100x100 granite setts are meticulously designed to integrate practicality with modern elegance, providing a solid foundation for your upcoming landscaping endeavors.

Embrace the impeccable combination of lasting strength and visual charm. Opt for our grey granite setts to create an enduring and stylish ambiance that will persist through the ages.


Refined 200x100x100 Granite Setts for Superior Outdoor Spaces

At Shop Granite Setts, we specialize in providing the highest quality granite setts, each one meticulously chosen and shaped to bring out the natural beauty and utility of your gardens, patios, and landscaping projects. Our dedication to excellence is reflected in every piece we supply, transforming your outdoor areas into havens of perpetual grace and allure.

Artisanal Quality and Visual Elegance. We procure our select grey granite from the most trusted quarries in Portugal, ensuring each of our setts meets the highest standard of quality. The nuanced blend of grey tones, punctuated by dark flecks and the occasional shimmer of quartz, gives each sett a refined appearance that is both adaptable and everlasting. The enduring charm of our granite setts ensures they complement an extensive array of outdoor styles, whether enhancing a classic garden or accentuating a contemporary patio.

Versatility for Every Design Concept. Our 200x100x100 granite setts are the ideal choice for a variety of applications, from creating idyllic garden paths to laying the foundations of a solid patio, or embarking on extensive landscaping projects. These setts are not just visually striking but also built to last, providing a dependable and enduring surface that stands up to the elements and constant use.

Commitment to Value and Quality. As the leading supplier, we take pride in offering our exceptional granite setts at competitive prices, inclusive of VAT and delivery. Our aim is to provide premium quality at an accessible price point. Should you find an equivalent product at a lower price, we are committed to matching it, ensuring you get the greatest value for your investment.

Seamless, Customized Delivery. No matter the scale of your project, from a simple garden update to a major outdoor transformation, Shop Granite Setts is equipped to deliver the high-quality granite setts you need. Our delivery service is tailored to your individual requirements, ensuring a convenient and pleasant experience from order to delivery.

Opt for Shop Granite Setts for 200x100x100 granite setts and elevate the aesthetic of your garden, patio, and landscaping projects. Rely on our steadfast quality, be inspired by our elegant designs, and feel assured in the knowledge that you have chosen the best for your outdoor enhancements.

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