Lay Granite Setts Indoor

3 Ways to Lay Granite Setts Indoor

When it comes to transforming the indoor landscape of your home or office, nothing beats the elegance and durability of granite setts. These beautiful, versatile stones offer a unique blend of aesthetic appeal and toughness, making them ideal for various interior applications. In this post, we at Shop Granite Setts, the premier choice for quality granite blocks in the UK, will delve into five captivating ways to lay granite setts indoors.

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1. Herringbone Pattern: A Classic Touch

The herringbone pattern is a traditional and sophisticated way to lay granite setts, making it an excellent way to pave your indoor spaces. This intricate design, reminiscent of a cobblestone street, creates an unmistakable sense of depth and movement, giving your floors a unique, dynamic character.

Crafted from silver-grey granite, each sett comes in a natural stone finish that combines elegance and durability in equal measure. Despite the understated colour, the subtle variations in tone add a level of sophistication that’s hard to beat. These are not your typical paving slabs; they are carefully shaped to create a point at one edge, lending a distinctive edge to this classic pattern.

The herringbone pattern is versatile enough to bring charm to various areas of your home. Be it the welcoming aura of the entryway, the cosy atmosphere of the living room, or the bustling heart of your kitchen, the herringbone pattern is always a winner. With its sturdy construction and timeless style, it will never fail to impress.

When it comes to installing the setts, you have the option to choose between sandstone, mortar, cement, or even limestone to fill the gaps. These materials not only secure the setts but also contribute to the overall look and finish of the floor. The choice of filler largely depends on the desired aesthetic and the level of traffic the area receives. Sand or mortar, for instance, is suitable for areas with lighter traffic, while cement or limestone is better for high-traffic spaces.

So, give the herringbone pattern a shot and enjoy the seamless blend of form and function it brings to your indoor spaces. With Shop Granite Setts, quality, aesthetic and customer satisfaction are always at the forefront.

2. Basketweave Pattern: The Aesthetic Grandeur

If you are looking to infuse a touch of vintage elegance into your space, the basketweave pattern, employing the stunning silver grey granite setts from Shop Granite Setts, is your ideal solution. This design, which evokes the look of traditional cobble setts, gives your spaces a distinctive, timeless charm that’s hard to ignore.

The basketweave pattern is made up of alternating pairs of granite setts, giving your floors a fascinating texture and a unique sense of depth. The beautiful London stone, available in either sandstone setts or granite paving options, is perfectly suited to the weave of the basketweave pattern. Its natural tones and textures contrast beautifully with the silver grey granite setts, making each piece stand out in its own right.

The large paving stones used in this pattern provide a solid, durable surface. The sturdy granite setts make for a highly durable floor, resistant to wear and tear. The installation process, while requiring some skill, is straightforward. The setts are laid in an interlocking pattern, ensuring a tight, stable surface once installed.

One of the most appealing aspects of the basketweave pattern is the ability to choose the colour of the setts. Whether you opt for the classic silver grey, the striking black granite, or the subtly textured sandstone setts, you can create a design that perfectly complements your existing décor.

As one of the leading providers of paving products in the UK, Shop Granite Setts offers a vast selection of stone setts to choose from. Whether you prefer the hard-wearing properties of granite, the rustic charm of limestone setts, or the warm tones of sandstone paving, we have the right product to bring your design vision to life.

The basketweave pattern combines the best of both worlds: the aesthetic grandeur of traditional designs and the modern appeal of high-quality materials. With this classic pattern, you can transform your indoor spaces into a timeless masterpiece of style and elegance.

3. Random Layout: The Modern Twist

For those who treasure a less uniform and more contemporary design, a random layout offers a wonderful option. This layout involves laying granite setts in varying sizes and orientations. From larger paving stones to smaller, more intricate pieces, this style embraces variation and unpredictability. It offers a unique style, makes optimal use of all stone sizes, and is a cost-effective solution.

When embarking on a random layout project, it’s important to plan ahead. The surface needs to be properly prepared to retain the setts securely. This usually involves laying a bed of mortar that has been compacted using a plate compactor. This groundwork ensures that your granite setts are not only strong and durable but also easy to use and install.

Quality materials are paramount in ensuring the longevity of the flooring. At Shop Granite Setts, we pride ourselves on offering products that are made from good quality natural stone. Our setts are available in a variety of colours and finishes, from the rugged appeal of sawn sandstone to the sleek elegance of polished granite.

During installation, string lines can be used to create guide lines. This helps accommodate the size variation of individual setts and ensures a level surface. It also enables you to make the area visually appealing, regardless of the size and shape of the space.

After installation, a high-quality stone cleaner can be used to remove any residue and a sealing compound applied to protect the setts. This step enhances the natural colours of the stones, making them look even more striking.

When it comes to laying granite setts indoors, the choice of design is as unique as the homeowner. Whether you opt for a uniform patterning or a more random layout, it’s all about your personal style, budget, and practical considerations.

At Shop Granite Setts, we are committed to providing our clients with the highest quality granite at competitive prices. Don’t just take our word for it – take a look at our extensive range of granite setts and see how they can elevate your indoor space today!