These granite kerbs are a durable and versatile option for any outdoor project. They feature a sleek and polished finish on the top and front faces, which can be either flamed or shotblasted to suit your aesthetic preferences.

Additionally, the remaining four sides are meticulously sawn, ensuring a clean and precise look. With their high-quality construction and stylish design, these granite kerbs are the perfect choice for adding a touch of elegance to your landscaping or hardscaping project.

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colours sawn
Grey Granite Kerbs
These high-quality, grey granite kerbs are ideal as edging for all kinds of landscaping projects such as driveways, paths and patios. They consist of a variety of minerals: grey granite features, gradients of black flecks and sparkling quartz, giving them a unique aesthetic and a timeless appeal.

Grey granite is a popular material due to its beauty as well as its hardwearing nature. These granite kerbs compliment many other colours making them a versatile choice if you are looking to use them alongside existing materials. They are available in several sizes to accommodate your needs.

Yellow Gold Granite Kerbs
These yellow gold granite kerbs comprise a variety of honey-hued minerals as well as quartz which gives it a sparkling aesthetic. It is this beauty combined with the hardwearing nature that makes yellow gold granite such a popular material.

Whether you are creating a driveway, path or patio, these high-quality, top finished yellow gold granite kerbs are perfect. They particularly compliment sandy coloured materials such as sandstone – the perfect choice if you want to combine the two. They are available in different sizes making them ideal for all kinds of projects.

Black Granite Kerbs
Stylish and versatile, these black granite kerbs are as eye-catching as they are hardwearing. With a unique combination of minerals such as quartz, black granite gently reflects the light, giving it a sparkling quality and a timeless appeal.

These black granite kerbs are suitable for both large and small projects and are available in different sizes. Their black colour makes them ideal for using alongside all kinds of materials and colour schemes in both contemporary and traditional designs. They can be used to create stylish driveways, paths and patios.
Approx Gross Weight
Approx Dimensions
(LxWxH cms)
90 x 110 x 75
1 Pack
1000x150x80 32
1000x200x80 24
1000x200x100 16
UNITS Approx. 1 Pack
1000x150x80 32
1000x200x80 24
1000x200x100 16
Black Grey
2,700 2,640
Yellow Gold
Black Grey
0.2% 0.3%
Yellow Gold
Porosity Black Grey
0.4% 0.6%
Yellow Gold
Flexural strength
Black Grey
159 178
Yellow Gold
Flexural strength
Black Grey
2,050 1,975
Yellow Gold
Our deliveries are done by third parties, an experienced and professional logistics team made up of a pallet delivery network and haulage firm.

For quantities below 8 tonnes, the pallet delivery network is the most cost-effective option. However, for 9 tonnes and above, in most cases our haulage partner can offer a lower cost per tonne delivered.

We pass those savings on to our customers and go the extra mile to suit your timescales.

For that reason, for any order over 9 tonnes we offer you a free bespoke quotation, saving you money on transport as well as on the product side of the order. In addition, we will take care of any special requirements with crane supported, or forklift assisted vehicles.
Adding a surface finish to the granite changes it in a variety of ways including enriching its colour, and offering alternative textures, enhancing suitability for different applications and external projects.

A sawn finish is achieved by cutting the granite with a diamond disc giving it a smooth, even texture and making the natural colour of the stone lighter. The purpose of this finish is to give the stones a more even, uniform shape. The surface of each stone is then either shotblasted or flamed.

A flamed finish is achieved by applying a high temperature flame on the surface of the granite which has been previously sawn. The result is a rough surface but gentle to the touch. It is highly suitable for outdoor use due to its non-slip properties. When applying this finish to yellow gold granite, the surface can develop some warmer tones of red, orange and pink. A flamed surface on black or grey granite will give a lighter, more even and clearer tone if compared with the same stone with no finish applied.

A shotblasted finish is achieved by projecting thousands of small iron balls at high speed onto the surface of the granite. It is suitable for any external landscape design project, and particularly for paths and patios as the rough, but uniform texture adds extra grip to the surface.